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My name is Benjamin Fortner I had a domestic battery that wasn't looking good
For me I already had 2 convictions an one of them was a Mister meaner and the second one was a felony an this one was my third domestic battery arrest which was a felony.
The state's attorney was new an trying to make a name for herself on my case because she was new to criminal law she was a state attorney for family court an switch. The
State was offering me 3 years idoc time which I explained to dave I couldn't do time I was going to loose my custody case with my other kids mother an loose my visitation...dave sincerely understood and took immediate action with all guns blazing like a cowboy in the wild west an got me 30 days cook county
Jail time an 2 years regular probation..that was amazing because they DO NOT GIVE PROBATION TWICE FOR 2 DOMESTIC FELONS ...county time went by smooth an was way better then doing 3 years at 85%
I highly recommend dave an his elite law tactics....thanks dave your the best

– Benjamin Fortner

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