Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
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Potential defenses for reckless homicide

If a pedestrian or occupant of a vehicle you collided with died, you might face criminal charges. The Illinois General Assembly details the requirements for charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide. A conviction on these charges comes with life-altering consequences

If your blood alcohol content was 0.08% or higher at the time of the accident, the prosecutor might file reckless homicide charges. This felony charge states that you hit the other person or vehicle without intent.

Penalties for reckless homicide

Illinois laws concerning reckless homicide charges are lengthy. Although typically considered a Class 3 felony, you may face Class 2 felony charges, depending on the details of your case. Generally, a sentence includes imprisonment of up to 14 years, but specific factors present in your case may increase it up to 28 years.

Defenses for reckless homicide

In these cases, the prosecution must prove your actions caused the death. Despite the severity of the charges, you may have several defenses available. By reconstructing the accident scene, an analysis might show that the other person made a mistake, which caused your response.

Did the road have potholes, broken pavement or debris? An accident reconstructionist may determine that the road condition contributed to the crash. Manufacturing or engineering defects often affect a car’s performance. If your vehicle has one of these defects, you may sidestep felony charges.

When convicted of a felony, jail time and fines are only a few repercussions. After completing your sentence, you might have difficulty finding a job or getting a mortgage. You may not vote or legally own a firearm. Understanding the laws governing reckless homicide is essential. It might help you reduce the charges and move forward with the rest of your life.

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