Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
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What is the Illinois Domestic Violence Act?

If you end up under arrest for domestic violence, you will probably be held under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act. According to the Illinois Attorney General, the act lays out the definition of domestic violence and various provisions pertaining to the crime.

You can learn about how law enforcement may interact with you as well when it comes to domestic violence arrests or protection order enforcement.

Domestic violence definition

The act defines domestic violence as physical harm, harassment, threats or other actions to intimidate or control a member of your household or family. Family is anyone related by blood or with whom you have been in a romantic relationship, including someone who is the parent to your child.

Law enforcement response

The act directs officers to focus on stopping the abuse and to arrest the person responsible. Officers can also take any weapons used in the incident.

Your rights

You have all the same rights you would in any other arrest situation. Be aware that you will probably have an order from the court prohibiting you from contacting the victim or returning to your home for at least 72 hours. You can face additional charges if you do not adhere to this order.

It is in your best interests to follow all orders from the court. You should also be aware of any protection orders. Make sure you understand what the order says and what you can and cannot do under the order.

Domestic violence situations are often highly emotional. It is usually best to remove yourself from the situation. You can fight the charges in court where you can do so safely without having the risk of getting additional charges.

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