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Is Domestic Violence a Felony in Illinois?

The specific penalties for domestic violence misdemeanors can range widely, but in many cases can result in being incarcerated for a full year in a jail, as well as being fined $2,500 as punishment. However, those who have been convicted of higher charges, such as a Class 4 felony, often must pay fines up to $25,000 and could even serve up to three years being incarcerated in a state prison.

Other serious consequences include:

  • Inability to get a job or career, or maintain one’s professional licenses
  • Harsh restrictions on locations you can reside in, as well as limited abilities to get a mortgage or apartment rental
  • Being forcibly removed from the United States, or having your immigration application for visa or Green Card status rejected
  • Denial of visitation or child custody rights
  • Rejections, suspensions, or expulsions from university and college admission, or a denial of educational funding
  • Limitations on your ability to own guns
  • Mandatory counseling classes on a regular basis
  • Anger management courses on a regular basis
  • Probation

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What Counts as Domestic Violence in the State of Illinois?

According to the laws of Illinois, specifically 750 ILCS 60, domestic abuse or battery constitutes a situation where a person has been threatened, abused, harassed, or intimidated by another person within the household, or another member who is closely related either by family or intimate relationship. In the state of Illinois, committing an act of domestic violence counts as a violent crime. Therefore, anyone who gets arrested for a situation involving the behaviors listed above could be convicted of a Class A misdemeanor. If you have ever been charged with previous accounts of domestic violence, you might be convicted of a higher classification of a Class 4 felony.

Building a Powerful Defense

There has been an increasing amount of pressure on the government and judicial system to have the appearance of toughness when it comes to penalizing domestic violence. There are certainly many tragic cases where vulnerable people have been cruelly injured, both physically and emotionally, by domestic abuse. However, prosecutors in Illinois have become more aggressive recently on account of the publicity that media and political entities have placed on this crime. Unfortunately, this has led to many instances where innocent individuals are accused of something they never committed, or a mutual argument is overblown out of proportion.

Tragically, domestic violence charges can sometimes occur when two parties already have a difficult relationship, whether regarding a marital or child custody disagreement. Sometimes one party will try to get the upper hand through an accusation of domestic violence. This leads to the terrible consequence of one person losing their liberty and livelihood by an unjust criminal charge. Therefore, it is essential to reach out to our Chicago domestic violence attorney as quickly as possible.

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