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Illinois First & Second Degree Murder Sentence

No matter where you go in the world, murder is considered to be one of the most heinous crimes there is. This is certainly the case in Chicago as well. Therefore, anyone who has been convicted of committing murder in the state of Illinois can know that they will be facing the most severe penalties that could ever be allotted for a crime.

  • First-Degree Murder - The highest and most serious murder charge is first-degree murder. According to the definition of first-degree murder within the state of Illinois, the perpetrator willfully planned and enacted the death of another person in cold blood, with malice and forethought. Those convicted of murder in Illinois must face at least 20 years of serving in prison for a first-degree account. The maximum time is set at 60 years, but in many cases these times can be extended if a firearm was used, or if the victim was a child or a law enforcement official.
  • Second-Degree Murder - Having a conviction of second-degree murder is very serious as well, although the number of years one must serve is a little shorter. The law of Illinois defines second-degree murder as a crime where the defendant committed an act when they were in the throes of severe, violent, and sudden passion. The impulse to kill someone in the moment is still regarded as serious, but not as malicious as planning to kill someone. This Class 1 Felony also is applied to a situation where a person killed someone through the motive of self-defense but did not use a justifiable or reasonable amount of force. If you have been charged for second-degree murder, you could be facing incarceration of 4 to 15 years or may opt for probation in certain scenarios.

Because even being charged – let alone convicted – for murder will alter your life drastically, it should be of the utmost importance to find an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights, your liberty, and your life before it is too late. The moment you have been accused of committing murder in Illinois, reach out to our determined team at DRD Law, LLC for an aggressive, powerful defense.

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Elevated Murder Convictions

There are certain cases where a murder charge may receive harsher penalties and incarceration times.

This usually occurs when the murder has been committed in distinct circumstances, including cases involving:

  • The death of multiple people
  • The death of an infant, young child, or minor
  • The death of a person in order to commit a hate crime
  • The death of a witness in order to keep them from giving their testimony
  • The death of a judge, prosecutor, or other member of the court
  • The death of a police officer or other member of law enforcement

When you are facing a severe conviction of a murder charge, there is no time to hesitate. Reach out to our Chicago murder attorney immediately so we can examine the evidence and give you knowledgeable counsel on the strongest strategies for defending you in court.

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