Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
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Leveling The Playing Field In DUI Cases

Getting arrested for DUI can be a humiliating experience. Law enforcement officers may make you feel powerless and hopeless. The good news, however, is that you do have power. You have important rights at all stages of the criminal proceedings. One of the most important is your right to hire a defense attorney.

At DRD Law, LLC, we’re committed to leveling the playing field in your favor. Our lawyer devotes 100% of his practice to criminal defense in the Chicago area. He’s passionate about helping people like you stand up to the system.

Avoiding Or Reducing The Harsh Consequences Of A Conviction

A DUI conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can take a toll on all areas of your life. It can impact your driver’s license, your job, your reputation and your criminal record. If you have to serve time, it could cost you your freedom.

The financial repercussions of a conviction can be tremendous as well. By the time you tally up all the court fees and fines as well as increased insurance premiums, you may be looking at well over $10,000 for a first-time offense – and even more for a second or third conviction.

By taking an in-depth look at your case, our lawyer can identify the strongest grounds for challenging the charges. Whether that means negotiating a more favorable resolution, pushing for a dismissal or fighting the charges at trial, you can trust that we will work with you to develop a smart and effective strategy.

Protecting Your Driver’s License

In Illinois, a DUI arrest results in an automatic license suspension. You have a limited window of time to challenge that suspension, which is a separate process from the criminal case. You might be able to get a special permit as an alternative to outright suspension. We can help you navigate that process as well as the criminal proceedings.

Learn How We Can Help

We’re here 24/7 to help you during the chaotic and confusing aftermath of a DUI arrest. Call 312-448-7892 to speak with our lawyer. You can also reach us online.