Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
Protecting Your Future Begins with Securing The Strongest Defense Against Criminal Charges
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A Strong And Skilled Defense For Those Facing Murder Charges

Murder is the most serious criminal charge you can face. A conviction for first-degree murder could land you in prison for the rest of your life. Even lesser murder charges – such as second-degree murder or involuntary manslaughter – can land you in prison and lead to countless other serious consequences.

If you’re facing homicide or another violent crime charge, don’t wait to get a strong defense lawyer on your side. Contact DRD Law, LLC, in Chicago, Illinois, to enlist an award-winning attorney who focuses solely on criminal defense. At our firm, we’re no strangers to high-stakes, high-exposure cases like homicide. You can count on us to fight for you with the dedication and diligence you deserve.

Types Of Homicide Charges In Illinois

In Illinois, the types of homicide charges are as follows:

  • First-degree murder, the most serious charge, involves an intent to kill. Contrary to popular belief, the murder doesn’t need to be planned beforehand. First-degree murder also includes felony murder – that is, a death that occurs during the course of committing certain felonies such as robbery, regardless of intent.
  • Second-degree murder also involves an intent to kill, but certain factors make the crime less serious. For example, perhaps the perpetrator’s judgment was clouded by provocation, or maybe they believed (wrongfully) that they were acting in self-defense.
  • Involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide involve reckless behavior that’s likely to cause death or severe bodily harm. The difference between these two charges is that reckless homicide involves driving a vehicle.
  • Voluntary manslaughter of an unborn child and involuntary manslaughter of an unborn child involve different circumstances and levels of intent.

Finding The Right Angle To Challenge Homicide Charges

There may be multiple angles for challenging the charges, depending on the details of your case. You might have a self-defense claim, for example. Or perhaps there are weaknesses in the state’s ability to meet its high burden of proof (proof beyond a reasonable doubt).

When you work with us, you can trust that our attorney will sift through all the details in your case to identify the best grounds for a strong defense. He will explain your rights and options at every stage of the proceedings so you won’t feel left in the dark.

Partner With A Strong Ally In Your Murder Or Homicide Case

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